The Murray Centre for Spirituality develops and fosters missionary spirituality which builds on the life and work of Andrew Murray from the reformed identity of the Dutch Reformed Church.


For the past three years we have been dreaming about sending this invitation.

We would like to invite you to the Andrew Murray Centre for Spirituality in Wellington.

The Centre is situated in the picturesque Wamakers Valley on the outskirts of Wellington. For almost 150 years this has been a place of prayer, inspiration and growth. On the veranda of Clairvaux, with a view over the vineyards and the Krom river, Andrew Murray received inspiration to write many of his books. Hundreds of students have stayed in the Samuel student residence since 1883 to prepare themselves for their calling as missionaries (the “donkies”) and later community workers. In the oak grove next to the river (commonly known as the “donkiebos”) there is a prayer altar which bears testimony to the role that prayer has played in the shaping of these students.

Today we invite you to the same buildings and grounds which were restored 136 years later to allow people to come home to this rhythm of historical times. We invite you to come and stay in Samuel residence in rooms which have been designed to allow you to find rest in simplicity. We invite you to become part of our prayer rhythm in the chapel during your stay. On the banks of the Krom river, in the oak grove, in the fig orchard and the gardens there is an abundance of spaces to spend time in nature and reflect on God’s calling for your life. On a good day you might feel inspired to push your fingers into the earth and help out in the garden, or perhaps take a long stroll or jog through the surrounding wine farms.

This is also an invitation to community. You can become part of a community of fellow travellers, who have all embarked on their journey with God in their own ways. There is the opportunity to have individual conversations with spiritual counsellors, or to listen to the stories of fellow travellers at meal times around the long table in the dining room. At night you can enjoy the view from the terrace over the Hawequa mountains.

You are invited… we hope you will consider the invitation.



Congregations and circuits can host retreats here and also take part in faith development programmes.


Individual church members and ministers are welcome to attend quiet retreats or courses.


Tourists with an interest in the life and work of Andrew Murray are welcome to come and view his history and legacy.


Space has been created for research about Spirituality. The Centre houses the Andrew Murray private collection: personal letters, notes, speeches etc.


In the past decade our synod has matured in the practice of missionary faith-discerned decision making. Many of our task teams and service groups have the need for a “meeting place” where they can reflect on the decisions that they must make in isolation and quiet discernment of their faith.

We would also like to offer a space for the spiritual care of synodical staff members.


The Seminarium and Huguenot College regard the development of faith as a priority in their programmes. The Centre could serve as a place from which habits of faith could be exercised by the students. The Seminarium’s programme makes provision for various periods of isolation for students during their six years of training. The Centre could serve as a “spiritual home”, where students could be exposed to the development of spirituality during their studies.