Elna Mouton


Elna was involved in church-based service for 15 years in the Eastern Cape, followed by 27 years of lecturing on the New Testament (Port Elizabeth and Stellenbosch). She is passionate about the shaping of faith and lives. For this reason, silence, wonder, and lingering over words, God, people, sound and nature is a way of life for her.

Her role at the Andrew Murray Centre is to help create safe spaces in which people can feel at home with God – with their whole existence, for the first time or in renewal. She wants to help people to look differently – tired, dumbfounded, despondent people – people who desire relationship, stronger anchoring and more cohesion in their stories.  This is primarily about hearing and experiencing God yourself, and thus rediscovering our true life-sustaining element – like water for fish.

Derine Piek