Daily Rhythm

In our rushed existence, the art of pulling off next to the road, lingering a while, and observing with all our senses is often just a vague dream. Even living consciously within the presence of God becomes a challenge in the midst of our rushed lives. At the Andrew Murray Centre, we create spaces where people can find rest in God. An integral part of this is the daily rhythm of isolation (in the quiet of your room or in nature) and meeting in the chapel three times a day (before meals). Here we consider what it means to belong, we listen to life-giving Godly language in silence, music and human words, and we see our God’s unconditional love in the breaking of bread and tasting of wine.


We welcome individuals or groups for quiet retreats. 

The Andrew Murray Centre for Spirituality is a place of isolation and worship, where missionary habits of faith are exercised and cultivated. There is a chapel and prayer garden where visitors are invited to exercise or learn habits of the faith. The Centre aims to develop faith spaces which focus on Murray’s emphasis on Prayer, Calling and Service.

The vast gardens and a river form part of the Samuel campus and may be used for isolation and quiet time. The building complex is on the outskirts of the town with a view of the mountains. The grove next to the Krom river, which is known as ‘Donkiebos’, is where missionaries in training often went to pray.


Space has been created for research about Spirituality. The Centre houses the Andrew Murray private collection: personal letters, notes, diary entries, handwritten manuscripts, sermon notes, speeches and pages filled with “musings”.

Courses & Conferences

A course programme which addresses the challenges of our time, and which empowers pastors and congregation leaders in their leadership roles.

  1. Practice-oriented courses which give you the opportunity to learn New Skills. In these courses, an opportunity is created for exercising these skills and planning for the implementation of action plans within the congregation.
  2. Courses aimed at In-depth Change. In these courses you can expect presenters to lead you in processes which will shape your own spirituality and identity.
  3. Courses and conferences that focus on Refreshing your Knowledge. These courses have been developed in such a way that they will expose you to new theological and theoretical insights in terms of the theme. At these courses you can expect presenters to challenge you to view theological concepts from a fresh perspective so that you can develop language for your ministry in this area. Many of these courses take place along with our Ecumenical partners.
  4. Courses which are aimed at Intensive Learning, where you will dig even deeper into theological topics. Typically, these courses form part of process which takes place over more than one worship gathering.