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On Wednesday 14 February, staff from Huguenot College, the Synod of the Western Cape, Kunst Architects and the management team responsible for the construction gathered at the Murray Jubileum Zaal on the Samuel campus for the official handover of the premises.

Dr Willie van der Merwe (Rector: Huguenot College), minister Nelis Janse van Rensburg (Chairman of the Board: Huguenot College), Dr Frederick Marais, minister Charl Stander and Mr Herman Bailey (Board member: Huguenot College)

This prestige event was opened with great excitement by Dr Willie van der Merwe, rector of Huguenot College. A brief overview of the history of Andrew Murray was followed by the signing of all the necessary contracts by the parties involved.  After the handover of the keys, the plans were inspected and work began immediately with the first steps to prepare the premises for the upgrade.

“It is our prayer at Huguenot college, and others in the church, that we will start a new movement here that will make a very big difference to society in the centuries to come,” says Dr Willie van der Merwe.

Since the synod gathering of 2015, the development of a Missionary Spirituality has been one of the focus areas of the Synod of the Western Cape and the church strives towards an ongoing commitment to become a missionary church.

“In the reflection about the development of Missionary Spirituality in and for the Dutch Reformed Church, the life and work of Andrew Murray serve as a historical point of departure and inspiration for the developments that are taking place on our Samuel campus,” says Dr Frederick Marais.

The official construction begins at the end of February and all preparations are in place for the conservation of water, as well as the care of gardens and trees on the premises.